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A large Joint
Yo, G light up a fatty.
po G Јануар 22, 2003
1110 451
To define greatness of a particular event, object or person. (adjective)
"Sir, I do believe that is a fatty burger"
"Really!? That's awesome, let me have a bite!"
"Man, I took the fattiest dump"
"Oh boy, you sure did"
po Coitey Јануар 13, 2010
7 9
A large amount of dip. A pinch of smokeless tobacco that makes the lower lip bulge out like you have a serious disease.
I just threw in a fatty of some peach skoal yesir.
I throw in a fatty before each class to get through the day.
po yessirrr Фабруар 15, 2007
13 15
Awesome, great, amazing, etc.
That guy is fatty
po Richy Oves Април 23, 2010
4 7
A person who is annoying or inhibiting your progress.
Person 1: Ogga booga!

Person 2: Stop being a fatty and start helping me cook
po Oliver Wernick Јун 26, 2009
2 5
a girl with a fat ass
Guy1: DAMN! shawty ass is big
Guy2: That's what u call a FATTY!

po nellam22 Мај 12, 2009
1 4
Very large cigar.....
Lets go smoke a fatty (cigar) man....
po slong1 Септембар 19, 2008
6 9
andrew aulser
andrew aulser is a FATTY.
po skinny mcbones Септембар 5, 2008
4 7