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Just about the coolest person you would ever be likely to meet. A word discribing a Hip/Cool/Crazy/Pimpin'/Awesome/Rocking person. Its a complement.
"You are da man dog, totall Ellery dowg"
#cool #crazy #pimpin #awesome #rockin #and other complementary adjectives.
po L Dog Master Z Новембар 23, 2006
A beautiful girl who has a lot to live for. This girl is typically very sporty, blonde, relatively tall, and will have the most amazing blueish-green eyes you will ever see. This girl is usually very funny, outgoing, and when she is having fun with her friends, the whole world will drop away.
This girl might date around a little bit, but once she finds the one guy she loves, she will do anything to stay with that guy, and do whatever is necessary to make him happy.

The smile of an Ellery is one of her top features. It will be very very hard to get her in a picture where she doesn't have an amazing smile, because she is always smiling. She knows that life is great, and always will be. Her smile will turn heads, and is something amazing.
On that note, she is always fun to be around! She's never a downer, and is always ready to have loads of fun, let loose, and just forget the people watching. Ellerys typically aren't good dancers, but when it comes to slow dancing she is extremely good and knows exactly what to do.
However, she isn't all looks. Ellery is also very sporty. She normally does some of the more masculine sports, like rock climbing, swimming, or maybe wrestling. Ellery is extremely intelligent, and is one person who can single handedly change the world if she wanted to.
Your girlfriend is Ellery? I'm so jealous!
I wish I could have a girlfriend like your Ellery
Have you seen Ellery's smile? It's so beautiful!
#ellery #extraordinary #awesome #funny #cute #smart #athletic #fun
po bulldogslucky13 Јун 2, 2015
A beautiful girl who is nice .She can get almost any guy she wants .she dates everyone who is hott .also she can sometimes be very annoying but watch out she's good at come backs and will burn you. So if u ever meet an ellery be sure you are looking good. She has big boobs and a big butt .if she catches u staring at her butt she will hurt you
Example 1: she is such an ellery
example 2: tom"Look there's an ellery do I looks good"
#ellery #hott #date #butt #guy
po Quinn Новембар 9, 2014
A person who has several. Do not ask of what or risk.
Ellery, you have HOW MANY AGAIN?
#rly #penis #fat #cheese #dota
po friedcheesecakes Јул 14, 2006
a fat, camp person who likes to think he has lots of friends.
"oi, you're such a stupid ellery!"
po dirty_dave Јун 28, 2005
A huge bitch who's completely full of herself, and won't let Jack hang out with me. The bane of my existence.
Me: "Yo Jack, you wanna come over, score some weed?"

Jack: "No thanks bro, I gotta be Ellery's bitch."
#bitch #dominatrix #douche #enemy #asshole
po The Notorious K Новембар 29, 2008
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