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A lady who behaves in an overly familiar fashion in order to gain the recognition of nightclub door men, and thus, free entry into the aforementioned venues.
"Put your arse away Issy, you harlot door whore."
po gsa the partay Јануар 29, 2005
46 20
Silly underage chavette, Who flirts/sleeps with/gives regular sexual favours to bouncers for preferential treatment in pubs and clubs.
"She's a right little door whore, been nailed by every bouncer in town."
po Darth Issa Јул 9, 2009
10 1
Emergency department triage nurse
I like being the door whore, because I can triage all of the frequent fliers without asking them any questions
po iamnurseratchett Август 8, 2012
4 1
In a drunken stupor is a case where someone holds a door open for various amounts of time, or people.
That guy just held the door open for the past twenty people.

What a door whore.
po RedRocket133069 Октобар 17, 2011
3 0
A woman who offers herself up to anybody that comes to her door
"that door-whore always gets the delivery guys"
po tenille Јануар 4, 2008
3 2
One of the many girls who stand in the doorway of such clothing stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister and Aeropostale, whose job is nothing more than to stand there and look good and greet you when you come in. Also they may fold an ocassional shit sfter someone is done touching it.
Yo that door whore in hollister was hot as shit.
po Harry Kalas Октобар 14, 2007
7 7
That one person who is 1 year older than you and they think they can just skip into the front of the line to go onto the school bus
Guy1: Dude, that bitch just skipped in front of me!

Guy2: Dude, she's the Doorwhore.
po xDarkvenom Септембар 11, 2013
1 2