1. (noun) A member of one of the two most powerful and power-hungry political parties in the United States. From the late twentieth century onward, they are known for their belief that the average U.S. citizen is a completely incompetent idiot and is unable to spend their money wisely (meaning, according to democratic ideals), properly use dangerous tools and weapons, or raise their children without direct government intervention. Democrats firmly believe that the only way a society can function properly is when a a completely incompetent member of the Democratic Party is ruling over said citizens and making every personal and financial decision for them.

Unlike citizens affiliated with most other political parties, who prefer to intelligently debate opposing points of view, Democrats react aggressively and maliciously when their ideology is questioned. Slander and petty name-calling are their primary, and often times their only defense. (For examples, see definitions submitted for Republican)
Ted Kennedy, Hilary Clinton, and Rosie O'donald are typical democrats.
po J. R. Bonich Март 28, 2007
An incredibly ignorant person fed their daily knowledge by the likes of Dan Rather and Jon Stewart. Typically, a democrat cannot even spell Rush Limbaugh's name, but is more than willing to invoke their version of it in ad-hoc criticisms of the Republican party. If you encounter a democrat, which is snynonymous with "liberal" in modern times, DO NOT debate. They are unreasonable and no amount of data, facts, and quotes to the contrary of their arguments can affect them. Beware, attempts at character assassination will be made by the liberal when he is defeated in argument. Back to the main point, don't argue with them. They will make some idiotic remark under their breath and walk away thinking they've "won" the debate.
Note to the readers of this definition: check the other definitions of this word and you'll notice one common trait. They all mention how undesirable conservatives are, rather than elaborating on reasons that their beliefs are superior.
There is much, much more to these troubled people, but I think I've thouroughly pissed off everyone on this website already. By the way, what's with this defintion here... something about liberals being the more libertarian of the two parties. That's a good one. Seriously. This from a party that doesn't want to allow the option of personal retirement accounts.
I tried to tell my son that he has to work for that new car, but he just kept calling me rich and demanding money! He's such a democrat!
po anothervilifiedrightist Мај 26, 2005
Somebody who supports the death of innocent babies through abortion, but would never inflict capital punishment upon a murderer. Somebody who would tax the hardworking citizens who earn there money and give it away to those who would rather sit around and contribute nothing to society through welfare. Somebody who supports government healthcare, which would literally allow the government to decide who get's treatment and who doesn't; who is worth treating and who isn't. Somebody who believes in "Global warming", wups now they call it "Climate Change" because they realized it can be hot OR cold, except that, that's just the way the world works... it's not supposed to stay the exact same all the time and it never has stayed the same, ever. Yet millions of dollars are spent studying "Climate change" rather then going to the places which really need it most.Somebody who would claim that anybody who doesn't agree with them is an unintellectual idiot.

Somebody who (despite the massive debt which the country is in) would continue to borrow money from other countries and spend it on things which don't help our county get out of debt.
Obviously this isn't neutral but none of the republican one's are.

Don't listen to a fucking party, be independent and hear both sides equally, then make a decision on which is in your better interests. Both democrats and republicans paint their "ideas" and views up to look like something they are not. Do not be a zombie, do your own research
po smdpolitics Јануар 23, 2012
1. A group of communist that wish to see America burn and are no smarter then a rock.

2. A political party in which most of the members are minorities even though Republicans freed the slave and a majority of slave owners were democrats.

3. People that would wish to see America become a communist country, they would also like to see to it that no one can get ahead in life and wish that everyone was equal,they also would see to it that the education system was destroyed so none of their African American members realize that it was the Republicans that freed the slaves.

4. A bunch of wind-warping communist that would see america burned just so Republicans couldn't fix the Country.

5. Lazy communist that think they are the right people for the presidency

6. Friends and allies of the Taliban

7. A group that would like to change or completely destroy the constitution

8. Followers of Obama Bin Laden

9. supporters of communism and terrorism

10. Descendants of Mao Zedong

11. A group that is full of worthless scum that wish to destroy America

12. A group that need you to give them 4 more years to ruin America
Barrack Obama is a prime example of Democrats
po flood warning Мај 7, 2013
People who dish crap and insult everyone that doesn't think like them, but gets upset when the favor is returned.
Person 1: Republicans are so stupid
Person 2: Totally
Person 3: Democrats are idiots
Person 1: How dare you insult democrats?
Person 2: Democrats are wonderful people who can argue about how gay marriage should be legal and the rich should be taxed more, but can't talk about things that will actually help the country. You're such a terrible person and so judge-mental that you would say something like that about another person.
po Ihaveanactualbrain Април 7, 2013
A person who is pro-abortion (legalized child murdering), supports middle-class tax raises, wants to restrict constitutional rights, and is anti-American.

A modern communist.
Barack Obama, a Kenyan, is anti-American, anti-business, and a democrat.
po ProLifeGirl Фабруар 18, 2013
A person with a political belief system that has absolute faith in the ability of man to govern and no faith in a real living God that bestows freedom and liberty upon man to make his own path because of the rights given by that same God, ie, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
A democrat is one that believes it's okay to lie, steal, cheat and kill, as long as it keeps either themselves in power or someone that will grant them favors paid for by the labor of others.
Only a democrat would define a tax cut as stealing from the poor because they believe that anyone that makes over 200 thousand a year should be punished. Bad earner, bad...
po Think Октобар 12, 2004
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