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(n) slang for nitrous oxide
let's all do some dumb!
po pandora Април 19, 2005
10 22
you. (because you ACTUALLY had to look this up)
they laughed at him for an hour because he
told them that he had to look dumb up on urbandictionary.com
po Karen C. Јул 6, 2005
12 25
Jake Anderson, a stupid mexican kid.
Jake is so fucking dumb!
po William Shat Јануар 5, 2008
9 23
adj. More then likely you are DUMB because you had to waste a few brainwaves and time to look up the word. The word is often written dum because the person is too ignorant to be able to spell an easy word or they don't realize that it has a silent b like comb.
You are dumb for looking up dumb on urbandictionary. com instead of doing it secretly in a library.
po sgkitty Фабруар 3, 2005
24 38