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one of the most elitist city in southern california, where it is illegal for people to park their cars in front of their house at night, a place with too many police that have nothing to do but camouflages in the bushes waiting for speed drivers, a place where people think highly of themselves, a very left wing politics city (except north claremont), a place where mostly doctors, corporate executives, professors, and lawyers live, a place where 99% of the streets are set at speed limit of 25mph, a place where people cannot find fast food restaurants because its too rich for that, a place with an artsy and electric downtown where you find rich snobby people driving their mercedes, bentleys, bmws, and ferraris on the weekends to show it off, a place where most of the restaurants are upscale and overpriced, a place with a lot of old money

a city that claims it is the "jewel" of southern california, unlike no others..
a city that is TOO EXPENSIVE to live in, average home price is 750k + .. with the mansions up north ranging from 1-15 million dollars
a city that residents make over 100k a year
a city that has the best school systems in the nation
k-12 and also the claremont colleges are nationally ranked at the top of the best.
a place that every street is a tree lined street

i can't afford to live in claremont

you live in claremont, you must be a doctor?

the city of trees and phds

po anonymous909 Фабруар 22, 2009
A suburb located in eastern Los Angeles County. Home of the prestigious Claremont Colleges. 12 square miles of AWESOMENESS. Not to be confused with Clairemont, which is in San Diego.
Dude, stop trying to pretend you're from Claremont.
po Just your average Claremonter. Јануар 14, 2005
a rich highly educated suburban in east LA county
home to the prestigious claremont colleges aka "harvard of the west coast". dominated by people with advanced degrees and know what they're doing. a place where people look down on you if you work at mcdonalds. a place with lots of old money wealth, inherited wealth, blue blood.

dude, you're smart! you must be from claremont

po claremonterrr Фабруар 21, 2009
Claremont- Loud, with a capital L.they are loveable and kinda weird and random. the woman more so than then men. Female Claremonts are often smart, witty, good looking and very creative. whereas male claremonts are sporty and er annoying.
ohh ur such a claremont...
po Marshmellow23 Септембар 2, 2008
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