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The most genius alliance in reality television history. Mike Boogie and The Evil Doctor Will use other house guests as pawns and let everyone else do their dirty work. They win no competitions on Big Brother yet rule the house.
Random Houseguest: Shouldn't we get rid of Chill Town?
Random Houseguest 2: Nah, they aren't a threat.
po Chase Piatt Август 10, 2006
157 33
JeRzy City baby! the numba wun n onli chill town fo realz
JerZy city
po ur mom Децембар 17, 2003
44 63
Jersey City
we representin' chilltown
po jtothec Јул 11, 2003
159 257
nickname for jersey city
1:ayo where u from again?
2:im from chilltown man, all day everyday. reppin dat 201
po i.m. dat dude Август 1, 2004
138 256