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Chris Carrabba. Lead singer of Dashboard Confessional. Former member of Further Seems Forever. Large ovaries.
Dude, Carrabba has, like, the biggest emo ovaries.
po looooser Октобар 10, 2004
taken from Dashboard COnfessional's lead singer, Christopher Carrabba, a "Carrabba" is a hot guy/girl....
Check that guy, he's a total carrabba....
po Melissa Мај 31, 2003
haha i like the one above me
po person Јун 7, 2003
hehe yeah he is fukin hot aye.DASHBOARD RULE YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
chris carrabba is hot
po ME Октобар 5, 2004
very awkward performer on stage
man, did you see jessica on stage? she was a total carrabba!
po emo_rawks Април 2, 2005