no camaro motor has more than 60k miles on it.. if that
12 seconds in the eight? are you serious? I hope that was a typo
po supratt Јул 5, 2003
An american pseudo-sports car. 'Nuff said.
Dad, what's that ugly shit over there?

That's a Camaro, son.

No the ugly shit in the ugly shit.

That's call a mulletman, son.
po Gumba Gumba Април 7, 2004
A sick car that is referred to by Mustang owners as a piece of sh*t. However it is the other way around. They only say this because they are terrified of them. Mustangs are no match for a Camaro (unless the cobra model). Mustang owners shiver at the mere sight of a Camaro coming up to them.
mustang guy- nothing is better than my mustang.
passenger- (looks in rear view) whats that comin up on us?
mustang guy- nothin just a piece of sh*t Camaro. I can take it.
(punches gas)
Camaro guy- (punches gas)
mustang guy- WTF!!! SH*T!!!
passenger- dude.... your car sucks that "piece of sh*t" just kicked your ass!
po metalhead1992 Август 25, 2009
cheap musclecar with sleek racecar appearance commonly associated with the people who abuse them. American at its heart the camaro driver can be anyone including rednecks, wiggers, badass punks, spoiled brats, bachelors, or you. Will own about 80% off all stock imports & 35% of heavily modded imports offering options such as t-tops, k&n cold air intake, dual exhaust, & custom hoods. The camaro is a loud, fast, & overall fun car to drive. The truth is if u haven't driven one then u shouldnt judge. Rice vs. Muscle has been going on since the early 90s the real secret is the more money ur willing to put into ur hunk of steel, the faster ur gonna go period!
Joe: "Hey Bill look at Jakes sweet ass Camaro!"
Bill: "Dude an eclipse turbo would completely own that hunk of shit!"
Joe: "Yeah dude i bet i could own him too if i modded my moms minivan but why the fuck would i bother?"
po joey fratoni Октобар 7, 2009
An overstyled, over rated vehicle which is purchased by cheapskates and posers who cant commit to buying a corvette.
Wow that corvette is amazing, beautiful, and highly styled. Ah forget it, I'll just get the Camaro.
po Soufpaw Април 29, 2003
A muscle Car put into production by General Motors Chevrolet. First thought of in 1965 as the "Panther". The Panther died in 1966 and was released as the Chevrolet Camaro officially dated in 1967. Firsts generation Camaro's were from 1967 to 1969. The 1969 Camaro is said to be one of the best Camaro's ever built for its power output and unique muscle car style and is still a favorite to Camaro fans everywhere. Second generation Camaros were produced from 1970 to 1981. 1970 through 1972 feature a unique split chrom bumper design which was loved by many Camaro fans for its unique design. Third generation Camaros were the best selling Camaros despite not being the powerhouses that the 1967-1981 Camaros were. From 1985 to 1990, third generation Camaros had a performance packaged coded B4Z determining the production of the IROC-Z (International Race of Champions Z28) Fourth generation Camaros were the first Camaros to come with LT4 and LS1 engines producing lots of power; in production from 1993-2003. Fifth generation Camaros returned in 2006 with the concept Camaro based heavily off the best selling 1969 Camaro Z28. Had the option of a 3.4L V6 engine or a 6.2L V8 engine pushing 426 horsepower. All Camaros despite being some of the best looking cars on the road have grown a sterotypical reputation for mullets and rednecks living in trailer parks, most commonly by riceburners or mustang owners, while in reality Camaro is one of the best muscle cars ever built.
Friend: "You bought a thirdgen camaro?"
Me: "Yeah man, it is fucking bad ass. I'm working on it too so its faster then what GM thought was fast."

Riceburner owner: "So you got the final piece of the white trash starter kit huh?"

Camaro owner: "Its not as trash as your 4 cylinder honda. By the way, stickers dont make it faster."
po Camaroking Фабруар 15, 2013
A usless sports car with sh*t handling characteristics, a big, ineffiient low powered lazy fuel wasting engine and quit possibly the longest and most ungainly overgangs I have ever seen on a sports car.
Bob:Damn, that camaro is the worst car i have driven, ever.
George:Stick with the imports Bob.
po Nik P Септембар 27, 2005
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