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Used to describe something shitty.
That weed was bunk
po Linz Фабруар 22, 2004
1718 586
slang; meaning wack or extremely strange, originating on a low rent island in Maine. For some thing to be bunk it must make you want to cry laugh hysterically or most commonly; run for you life.
Ex: you live in a basement on the island down stairs from Bill Green’s kid and a half goat… wow that is bunk
po T-mack 1 Фабруар 10, 2010
641 284
Nonsense, utter rubbish, BULLSHIT.
Video games cause violence? That's all bunk.
po MoonKnight Новембар 21, 2002
858 619
Something totally stupid, not cool, or retarded.
Your friend jumps off a mountain.

"Man that was bunk."
po J to the C Јун 14, 2004
567 480
Bogus. Not genuine. Counterfeit. A total sham. Illegitimate. Nonsense.
Don't listen to her man, that's bunk.
po Zina Децембар 13, 2006
124 70
Whack; Boring; No fun.
Yo that clubparty last night was bunk.
po dirtysoufnigga Април 30, 2003
356 312
Low quality marijuana. In various songs and used by dealers and potheads everywhere.
This is some bunk ass weed.
po Guy C Април 6, 2005
200 157