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A term combining 'bitch' and 'hootch' to describe a good friend or extreme asshole without cursing
What up, bootch.
po Jake Smith Фабруар 16, 2003
64 25
A word of indefinate definition. Most commonly used as a noun, adjective, or part of a nick name.
"You are a Bootch." "That is such a Bootch rig." "The Bootchmobile" "Toddy Bootch"
po Matt and Tim Јануар 6, 2004
40 27
When you Combine the words "Bitch" and "Boo" to make a term of endearment to your boo/bitch or girlfriend.
My Bootch came over last night and had a blast
My Bootch was trashed and puked all over the place...
Silly Bootch
po geoisdef Јун 16, 2010
11 11
Another word for 'bitch'.
I don't take no bootch-ass-ness.
po Chloe' Housden Јул 24, 2008
14 14
a term in which most dyslexic people get confused and or lazy to write the full expression, bitch.
"shut up u bootch"

"dude, don't you mean bitch?"
po smartazz69 Децембар 21, 2012
1 4
a term in which most dyslexics get confused in determining the spelling of the correct expression, bitch.
"shutt up yu bootch"

"dude, dont you mean bitch?"
po smartazz6969 Децембар 21, 2012
0 4
when a women's vaginal region is severely damage due to child birth or being a ho
After one kid this ho had a busted ass bootch!
po Lord Christopher Децембар 4, 2007
8 19