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a word bloods use, it's basically "Cool" with the "C" replaced by a "B"
aye them niggaz are bool as fuck
po BigRay Децембар 26, 2004
103 51
1. A primitive variable type in most programming languages; can be true or false
2. Because undeclared bool variables usually default to false: A word used as an antonym for cool; As in not cool; can be used as a noun for an imaginary substance of very uncoolness.
Not gonna lie, that movie was really bool.

What a load of boolshit!

Holy buckets of bool! That hurt!

Don't drown in a pool of your own bool.
po One Bard Октобар 12, 2009
35 16
To push a bicycle on foot; to get off a bike and walk it when the road is too tough to cycle on.

Often said in Hull and Yorkshire.
"The hill was so steep, I had to bool my bike"
"I booled my bike all the way up the street because my chain came off"
po pandora braithwaite Октобар 2, 2013
4 3
Poo balls. The resulting effect of buttbagging. (See buttbagging.) Used as an adverb or an adjective.
You are bools.
po Capt. Bools Децембар 7, 2008
9 8
British slang for "balls." See chools.
Guy: Oh mate, that bird just kicked me in the bools!
po Daruna Фабруар 22, 2007
11 12
A mathematical system used in computer programming in which
the possible answers can be true or false.
See boolean.
bool IsChrisJamesAHomo = true;
po omegabyte Децембар 7, 2004
31 33
A bitch and a fool combined
Taylor is such a bool.
po Joe54783 Јануар 25, 2010
8 19