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A person who is obsessed with tofu and their rusted-out bike that was made in 1978. This individual usually lives in an urban area, but originates from a rural area far from the city. They most likey attend art school and work at local restaurants or Starbucks. They can be found weaving between 4 lanes of city traffic with their one-strapped satchel over their shoulder. Topics of conversation include Apple Computers, new ways of cooking tofu, global warming, peace protests, legalizing marijuana(but, just for medical use, of course), and bandannas.
Cab Driver: Get out of the street! You are going to get killed! What's that smell?

Bike Vegan: Hey mannn, which way to the Starbucks?
#vegan #tofu #starbucks #apple computers #bicycle
po Brian Carey Новембар 10, 2008
Often classified as one who is in a CULT with other bike vegans. Most Bike Vegans are hairy, have braided hair, and are always reaking of a foul stench such as Body Odor, Bad Vegan Food, and nasty breath. They often do not shower as well. Also they are known for riding in lanes in the city streets often found aruging with drivers because they feel they own the road. Most of them are also democrats and all have the same political views. It is easily confusing to mistake one Bike Vegan with the other as they are members of a homogenious cult. Mostly seen on elevators in the city of office buildings with their annoying knapsack strapped around them, their sweaty hair and sweaty clothes giving off a horrible foul stench.
Bike Vegan
#vegan #democrats #hairy #smelly #cult
po Stuey G Октобар 2, 2009
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