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17 definitions by stanley feldstein

To accomplish an objective following a skillful charge.
Amar'e Stoudemire Justin-Tucked it to the hoop and slam-dunk over Michael Beasley.

Defensive ends must learn to Justin Tuck it when they face the Cowboys: they must learn to bowl over the offensive line, force Tony Romo to the turf, and cause him to cry and complain to the refs that the defense was "mean" to him.
po Stanley Feldstein Децембар 18, 2010
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Something a man does when his lover is being a jade by not appreciating and acknowledging him enough.

Something a woman does when she is being a jade.
My girlfriend is a cheating whore.

I cheat because my girlfriend is a whore.
po Stanley Feldstein Децембар 25, 2010
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The home baseball stadium for the Boston Red Sox that is awkward for the following reasons: it features diminutive six-foot high dugouts, the only manual auxilary scoreboard in professional sports, a foul pole that resides in the middle of right field (nicknamed Pesky Pole in the 1950's), a giant green wall that resides in the middle of left field (nicknamed The Green Monster in 1947), stadium seats hanging over a Boston street (Lansdowne Street), and a bullpen in center field that is accessible to outfielders during play because of its short wall.

If ballparks were golf courses, Fenway Park would be a miniature golf course.
Red Sox fans love Fenway Park because it's almost as awkward as them . . . almost.
po Stanley Feldstein Децембар 24, 2010
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