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4 definitions by pedro!

a taxi cab

grub is to grubbage
as cab is to cabbage

can also refer to another form of transportation, or ride.
my car broke down, so im gonna have to go find some cabbage
po pedro! Новембар 5, 2005
3 2
1) a word people like to describe poetically and metaphorically on

2)the only thing the poor have that the rich dont
dude, i feel really emotional and depressed. im gonna go describe happiness on
po pedro! Новембар 6, 2005
12 14
(N) a woman. originated in Steinbeck's The Wayward Bus, used by a character.
1) Look at the ass on the pig.
2) Don't worry about it, she was just a stupid pig.
3) Hey did you hook up with that pig after i left?
po pedro! Новембар 7, 2005
2 7
(n) an insult to one who acts silly, stupidly, or mindlessly. see dumbass or retard
billy (runs around in circles until he hits a pole)
bob: you ass clown!
po pedro! Новембар 19, 2005
9 17