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22 definitions by neu

the guy you can't hate, even though he gets all of your women from under your nose.
man, I love that guy. even though he's a filthy gerald.
po neu Јануар 26, 2004
75 21
more than two people laying in a bed together, all facing the same direction. and usually fondling something on another person. yeah.
choot-choo yo yo get up on the spoon train, I know yall be tired
po neu Јануар 26, 2004
40 17
bowling a girl, basically.
what a raving whore. I was totally all two in the pink, one in the stink.
po neu Децембар 9, 2003
42 32
when too many dudes are at a gathering, and there needs to be a little more female pressence
what the hell is up with the boner party? I'm out.
po neu Јануар 26, 2004
18 12
making sure your friends hide their nerdy gear before their date arrives.
alright, yeah the tie is nice. hang on, let me trek check.
po neu Јануар 26, 2004
8 2
someone that is uber-disgusting, hinting that they'd actually have both syphallis, and a lisp :(

deadly combo, dude.
check out ole syphallisp over there. gross.
po neu Јануар 28, 2004
5 0
your tightest nigs.
hey, don't mess with my nackas, we'll thow shame on y'game.
po neu Јануар 30, 2004
11 9