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a dislesxic stealer purhson thad dunt spel too gud.
Stob thut theif!
po n Новембар 17, 2003
375 54
A trendsetter in broadcasting, pioneering AM radio, the wonderful debate tactic of cutting off someone who disagrees, spinning the facts like they're in a dryer, and putting party-line politics over his own credibility, including contradictions, denial, and news items. Now works for ESPN and has his own "kiddie table" during NFL Countdown.
Rush Limbaugh is relentless, judgmental, and straightforward. Unless you're a Republican.
po N Септембар 27, 2003
493 350
"dell" is an synonym for "slow"
your computer is dell.
po n Август 9, 2003
238 109
A complimentary term of endearment often used when sending well wishes.
Goodnight homeslice, I hope you have pleasant dreams.
po N Април 8, 2005
270 186
Great n64 and gamecube game. nic and cbass are especially good at it.
I wish I was good at Super Smash Brothers
po N Јануар 12, 2004
127 46
Its Kirby, a famous Nintendo mascot.
You're as cute as <("<)!!
po N Јануар 12, 2004
61 9
The term used to identify students at Oberlin College
Safer Sex Night is a social opportunity for obies to meet one another while learning about the wonderful safety and instructional measures on sex
po N Октобар 22, 2004
82 35