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141 definitions by mandingoe

macho posturing
The mercenaries walked around the hall scowling - all part of a ritual man dance.
po mandingoe Јун 8, 2004
3 24
a scrumptious person or thing
After spending a long night with him, she felt scrumptious. I've never been spunkier, she thought.
po Mandingoe Мај 28, 2004
68 92
Saturday, October 6, 1979.
Back in the day, I could dance all night.
po mandingoe Август 23, 2004
21 46
Worrying, stressing out.
I been plexin bout her not returning my calls for the last 3 days.
po Mandingoe Април 25, 2004
22 56
excessively mellow. A trite cliche.
Don't worry that you clueless and penniless, it's all good mon. Either you should worry less or I should smoke less bud.
po mandingoe Јул 16, 2003
39 79
a cool southern way to pronounce "help" favoured by soul singers. This spelling is becoming popular on internet message boards.
"Somebody hep me please!"
James Brown
po mandingoe Јун 6, 2004
8 64
peaved; mildly annoyed and mildly effeminate

annoyance ranking:
* pissed off
* tit in a wringer
* ticked off
* undies in a bundle
* miffed

Frankly Biff, I'm becoming a little miffed by your frequent absences.
po mandingoe Октобар 10, 2005
91 175