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24 definitions by kymcleod

Another excuse for Americans to spend an entire day eating
"Damn, it's not a weekend, and i want to eat all day"
"Why Don't we invent a holiday and give it a stupid name?"
"Fo Shizzle, My Pilgrizzle!"
po kymcleod Новембар 29, 2003
11730 3767
A string on a guitar. Not to be confused with the E-String, A-String, D-String, B-String or High E-String
Just twang the G-String!!
po kymcleod Октобар 12, 2003
1332 573
the first two words of some of the best and worst jokes of all time
Yo mama so fat that when she sits down, the record skips. AT THE RADIO STATION!!
po kymcleod Октобар 12, 2003
382 188
Simply the best thing ever, whether it be the band or spiritual enlightenment
Nothing is as good as Nirvana
po kymcleod Новембар 8, 2003
206 81
What Darth Vader says when you have outstayed your welcome, or he wants you to leave.
"That is all"
po kymcleod Октобар 16, 2003
166 51
Arguably more phonetic version of Fuck
You Phukka!!
po kymcleod Октобар 12, 2003
54 36
Non Porno version of the Bare Bitch Project
Why the fuck does whe have her clothes on? ITS NOT THE PORNO!!! WHAAAAAT???
po kymcleod Октобар 10, 2003
50 32