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50 definitions by hi

(1)short for koolaid
(2)the hardcore way to spell cool
person:sup mah hommies i am hardkore cuz i say kool insted of cool >:DDD
po hi Март 15, 2005
12 31
One Who Has A perm And Wears A pink Wrist Band
you are a pimp
po Hi Фабруар 28, 2004
4 31
a fat
you heffer go eat a heffer
po hi Август 19, 2003
8 41
Black women's nipples are AKA purple nurple's
Dizam that fly honey got some big purple nurples
po hi Април 12, 2005
12 53
A lose ror someone whos hits the hershey highway.
A gay homoseual faggot with gross desires.
po Hi Септембар 9, 2003
20 64
to cumover a person belly while giving a person a blowjob
i was skiing all over her/him
po hi Мај 5, 2004
6 55
being inside of a place compiled of walls all around you.
hey man! eunice class too!
po hi Јануар 21, 2003
8 119