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wayyy worse then calling somone a douch because nozzle is the dirtiest part of the douch... yuk
you are such a douch nozzle!!!! qrill
po Април 28, 2003
68 27
the sound when somthing hits the spot.
*takes a drink* uhh yeah that tastes good
po Април 27, 2003
33 24
Snowboard slang for the very end of a snowboard jump. A lip is the very end where the jump has a little kick to it.
forget that jump how am I supposed to bust a cab 9 with that much of a lip on that jump
po Април 27, 2003
26 24
I dont know why but its slang for snowboard helmet or skateboard helmet.
Hey loser make sure you wear your guganslime.
po Април 27, 2003
0 1
A cooler way of saying somthing is awesome. Coming from snowboard and skate roots. is so ill its rad!
po Април 27, 2003
9 12
Short for computer or also can be short for competition
I have a big snowboard copmp next week
po Април 27, 2003
5 9
usally a woman who performs oral sex on a man alot.
she is such a crane hoe!
po Април 25, 2003
3 9