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32 definitions by flip

adj. Yeah-hoyz
The apex of life as we know it. When something is yeahois it exceeds all realms of awesomeness.
1.) That orgasm was yeahois.
2.) Dunkaroos were so yeahois.
3.) Yeahois!
4.) Urkle was so yeahois.
5.) Anal sex is not yeahois.
po Flip Март 4, 2005
25 10
A individual of a otherwise non-defined sexual orientation.
One that focuses upon drugs (including alochol)
vs physical sex with another in social or intimate situations.

A individual that places drug use above the possibility of sexual realtions.
I've always wondered about Tyrone,
I can't tell if he's gay or whatever...
All I see is him doing is taking different drugs and hanging out.
I've never seen him get with anyone, man or woman...
but if you got something -he's like all over you.
po Flip Јул 2, 2004
18 5
sum1 who luvs anal sex
bob, ur a stupid fudgemonkey
po flip Март 29, 2005
37 25
A prime example of a MILF. Truly amazing, a dream of mine in the flesh.
I saw lucka's mom's bush, and it was an instant hard-on.
po Flip Август 5, 2004
14 2
A company producing dubs, famous among rappers.
Check out those 22 lexani's!
po Flip Октобар 5, 2003
10 1
1.) To lurk around or conspiciously prowl.

2.) To be constantly "Bout it" or willing to fight.
1. Jamal lokked around the co'na sto'
a. Jamal was lokkin around the sto'.

2. Im a lokked out gangsta..
po FLiP Новембар 5, 2004
12 9
middle finger
i flipped him off
po flip Јул 24, 2003
16 14