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24 definitions by flame060

Non Homosexual Way.

Said between friends to stop jokes from arising. Mainly used online.
Dont worry Frank, I like a NHW of course.
po Flame060 Јул 14, 2005
4 0
The gay way of saying faptacular.
Guy 1:Let me give you all my fwaptacular piccys!
Guy 2:Fwaptacular? I'd rather not.
po Flame060 Март 28, 2005
4 2
Somthing my little brother (age 5) wanted me to look up.
Look p, uhh.. p..uh...o, s....efo!
po Flame060 Фабруар 16, 2005
5 6
A 1337 ninja clan that frequent the GameFAQs Message Boards Toaster Oven.
Even pirates fall before the TOasters.
po Flame060 Фабруар 16, 2005
6 12
The way 5 year olds say ufo.
Look up efo in the dictionary big brother!
po Flame060 Фабруар 16, 2005
4 11
Made by Sega, its the gretest video gameing system to this date.
Fuck anyone who disagrees.
Gunstar heros and Beyond Oasis pwn j00 soul.
po Flame060 Фабруар 16, 2005
19 28
Another name for King Bowser.
Very horney and has the hots for Pricess peach, but who doesnt?
Gimme some of that pussy, Peach!!
po Flame060 Фабруар 16, 2005
61 73