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7 definitions by dopey

device for smoking dope, very small made for 1 hit
po dopey Јул 21, 2003
440 77
a ride in a motorvechile in which the passangers partake in smoking bud.
hey, you wanna go for a peace ride?
po dopey Фабруар 24, 2005
5 0
the good shit......only takes 2 hits to get you high
po dopey Јул 21, 2003
7 2
Funky, another word for gnarly.
Shit, that smells narls.
po dopey Септембар 24, 2003
7 9
Ziggy is a hell bent clown that lives in a box. His only goal in life is to control the world and send it into dispair.
Ziggy told me to burn down that house.
po Dopey Мај 1, 2003
16 23
n. (1) an interloper with questionable hygiene and a penchant for discussing her Victoria's Secret undergarments at inappropriate times

(2) someone who speaks out of turn to people who are not her friends
Overhearing a conversation to which she was not part of, that sticky vicki interjected with an unwelcome, "Just drop it!"
po Dopey Октобар 12, 2004
7 18
bad ass weed that'll give you a gooooooooooood trip. even better with homiez juss chillin. this bud is more crystallized than northern lights. NOT BLUNT SHIT
puff the magic dragon!!!
po dopey Април 3, 2004
11 23