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the new terror crew. gang uniform is a trail of dribble running down their chin and a gormless expression at all times
oh no the ntc are about, let's tell our little brothers to run for their lives
#ntc #kfc #jjb #jcb #danny hawes is a cunt
po did you know that Март 6, 2008
a band made up of vampires and homosexuals, who like to play music that little girls will think is hardcore. their most famous song, 'the day we came out', is a power ballad in the style of the spice girls, about a fictional point in the future where they will all come out of the closet and look like nobs because they spend all their time laughing at gay people

they have stupid haircuts and shit tattoos, like a lot of their fans, and their lack of musical talent is matched only by their lack of genitals
hi we're avenged sevenfold, if you're a 7 year old girl you might think we're cool
#luke dalton raped a 13 year old then buried her body in his back garden #danny hawes raped luke dalton cos they're both cunts #i hate luke dalton he's the furriest cunt i ever saw #danny hawes has sex with underage girls and boys #hi my names luke dalton but you can call me muff cos i hav hair like a muff #god luke dalton is a cunt
po did you know that Март 6, 2008
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