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65 definitions by charles

n) a night in which the males penis begins hard but by the end of the night is softened
damn, last night was one of those spaghetti nights.
po charles Децембар 8, 2003
8 0
To make impure by contact with bodily sexual fluids

also used as cumtaminated, cumtaminating
Don't use "that" towel, it is cumtaminated
po Charles Децембар 8, 2004
7 2
New England, Ohio...

Jesus Christ
Criminatley! I just got pwned!
po Charles Децембар 15, 2004
6 2
A plant that must be planted next to the Oder river in Central Europe.
"Did you see those Jodina plants by the Oder river?"
po Charles Јун 21, 2006
4 1
Tears apart human souls and devours them while eat wood with his arms.
RAWR i have eaten your soul
po charles Март 8, 2004
8 5
A term used to express extreme elation or excitement
"Oder I'm getting married in San Trope tomorrow!"
po Charles Јун 18, 2006
19 17
puerto rican dish(delicious). bold and sassy in demeanor. a real sultry and delicious presence. an eye teasing quality, tho more so in attitude.
I mean like damn son, dat bitch gots crazy mofungo, word up, my shits all sorts of wanting to tap dat...mmm, for mmm...dass nice kid
po charles Фабруар 13, 2005
7 5