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65 definitions by charles

She had a bad case of the saber-toothed crotch crickets.
po Charles Јул 19, 2003
377 82
One of the most amazing hard rock/hardcore bands on earth, combining:

- Great singing and deep, thoughtful lyrics
- Virtuostic guitar playing
- Incredible bass playing
- Great, FITTING drumming

to make some of the best music I've ever heard.
One of the greatest bands around is THRICE.
po Charles Јул 19, 2003
531 267
Pronounced "ix nay"

Pig latin for nix
"Ixnay on the Omarmay".
po charles Април 30, 2004
336 129
a euphemism for vagina.
There’s nothing wrong with hoo ha. It's... it’s clean. And healthy!
po Charles Јануар 31, 2004
217 55
Actress with a thick lip and big boobs. A woman who think she is one real Lara croft.
you saw her new movie? damn.., that nipples are hot.
po Charles Август 2, 2003
423 325
Expression of surprise or intense emotion taken from the 1990s animated series "The Critic."
"Hachi machi! That was the worst film ever!"
po Charles Август 20, 2005
100 15
TV talking heads. Many offering view concerning politics.
George Will is a pundit
po Charles Октобар 19, 2003
107 24