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4 definitions by celia

a state of utter confusion and craziness.
the accident scene was a discombobulated collection of twisted metal and shards of glass.
po celia Мај 8, 2003
16 14
when someone fucks with you, you deal wit their case and buss a cap.
This bitch took ma man so Im a get ma girls and we gonna clap back.
po Celia Фабруар 27, 2005
31 43
it's a funny word that i thought i made up for penis and weener combined into one, but it turns out that it's already a word
When he jumped into the pool, i saw his WEENUS!
po celia Мај 10, 2003
52 80
It's what one of my lesbian teachers is. She looks like a man, and a woman rolled into one. (Last time i checked, that was'nt a gender)
eewwww she looks like she (or he) is a genderless!
po celia Мај 10, 2003
10 256