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3 definitions by Wallrat

An incredible program in Wiscasset Maine which educates students about wildlife and the environment. There is also a program run by Chewonki for high school juniors for a semester. The semester program brings about 35 juniors from around the country to a tight-knit community in which one lives in cabins and learns about everything environmental and anything which will make life better and more fun. A highly recommended program found at www.chewonki.org
I was at chewonki last semester for the Maine Coast Semester.
po Wallrat Фабруар 28, 2005
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One who has dangling testicles.
The forst boy's balls always hit the water when he shits.
po wallrat Јануар 7, 2014
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One of only three sports ever invented, the other two being ultimate disc and rock climbing.
Rock climbing is fucking incredible.
po Wallrat Фабруар 28, 2005
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