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4 definitions by UrbanWordz

A girl that many rappers seem to have sex and dance with.
T Pain- Ooh Shawty!
po UrbanWordz Децембар 20, 2010
35 26
A word used to describe a stupid comment someone made. Usually something rude or anyoing that you dont want to respond to, can be responded to using this word.
Carl- Hey dude, your mom is ugly.
po UrbanWordz Децембар 1, 2010
7 0
An Electrolyte, is something inside of a sports drink that makes people run faster.
Hey dude what should I drink before I run

po UrbanWordz Децембар 1, 2010
9 5
A period of time in which millions of people fight in stores for small plastic toys to give to their children. If one of these plastic toys is not recieved by the child, he will turn into a demon and proceed to destroy sections of the home.
Dad- Son, I got you an expensive toy for this years Holiday Season
Son- This is a shitty present. Get me something better or ill rip the couch.
po UrbanWordz Децембар 1, 2010
9 6