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4 definitions by Sirsexalot

Rich, and full of booty.
Dude, that girl is bootyfull.
po SirSexAlot Март 31, 2003
46 6
A sex position involving 3 men and 1 woman, where the men are leaning towards each other, supporting each others weight at the forehead, while the woman takes it from behind from one guy while simultaneously fellating or stroking the penis of the other two men. From a distance they're forming a pyramid shape.
Hey guys, my forehead hurts from when we were pyramiding Janet last night.
po Sirsexalot Октобар 17, 2013
1 0
someone acting like a Kabeer Arora, usually a male.
Dude, that kid is such a Kabeer Arora
po SirSexAlot Март 31, 2003
5 5
Someone who gives head, and swallows.
Wow, most girls are SwTbabi37s.
po SirSexAlot Март 31, 2003
4 5