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3 definitions by Silly old wily

Pooping in someones asshole,sticking your hand back into the asshole and pulling the poop out then putting it on your food.
Hey waiter, can you put a little more Kungpow mud cream in my salsa.
"sure sir".
Thank you.
po Silly old wily Јануар 31, 2011
2 1
when a white person thinks he knocked up his white girl friend and during child birth a black baby comes out.
Girls friend: (child birth) ahhh ahhh
Doctor: the baby is crowning
Doctor: its a boy, and its black?
Boy friend: thank God it's black
po Silly old wily Јануар 31, 2011
5 7
A very attractive girl with 3 tits.
hey man do you see that chick with 3 tits?
Ya, shes a total 3 tits McGee
po Silly old wily Јануар 31, 2011
12 41