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6 definitions by Rod Mack

A male phallus. The Oscar Meyer pole. The Bacon Torpedoe.
Your mom is such a freak! She smoked my Baloney Pony while my nuts rested in her eye sockets!!!!!
po Rod Mack Јул 19, 2003
177 46
A dirty whorebag who spends most of her free time fondling testicles and receiving teabag treatment.
Your Fat stinky MOM.
po Rod Mack Јул 19, 2003
13 3
Jennifer stuffed her mouth full of the one-eyed trouser trout, and it puked in her throat.
po Rod Mack Јул 19, 2003
15 6
another term for my COCK.
Your sister loves to slobber on my Bacon Torpedo.
po Rod Mack Јул 19, 2003
19 11
Grandmother I'd like to fuck
Raquel Welch
po Rod Mack Јул 19, 2003
17 9
When your Choad (the region between your ass and scrotum) is stinky sweaty, you wipe it with your finger and slide across an unsuspecting person's upper lip.
Dude I totally gave your mom a Dirty Chavez after she passed out!!!
po Rod Mack Јул 19, 2003
30 38