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5 definitions by Omar Churchill

coating the penis in chocolate to make it more like pocky
Girl: "I wanted him to give me pocky cock last night, but he didn't want to risk burning himself."
po Omar Churchill Март 2, 2011
8 0
commenting, posting, and tagging someone excessively on facebook because you know they have phone notifications turned on and wish to FLOOD their phone with txt messages
We did some epic phone bombing of Drew's girlfriend last night. She is going to have SO many txts when she wakes up!
po Omar Churchill Новембар 10, 2011
8 4
having an utter lack of basic/essential computer/computer related knowledge
She was so computarded, she didn't know what ethernet was!
po Omar Churchill Април 25, 2011
1 0
lacking knowledge of the guitar, both musical and technical, but acting you know what you are talking about
Did you hear what that girl told me? She is so guitarded! She was trying to tell me that the guitar was feeding back, when really it was just the natural hum from the pickups.
po Omar Churchill Фабруар 16, 2011
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one who is guitarded
That geetard just tried to convince me that those humbuckers were single coils!
po Omar Churchill Фабруар 16, 2011
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