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3 definitions by MiStErMaN802

1. a phrase used to suggest that something is unbelievable or shocking.
1. Frank Barone shouted "holy crap" when Marie thought Robbie was homosexual.
po MiStErMaN802 Март 17, 2006
1. Someone who poops.
2. Someone or something that let you down or made you upset.
1. I just got out of the bathroom because I'm a true pooper.
2. "Can you play a game?" "No." "Well you're a pooper."
po MiStErMaN802 Март 17, 2006
Interesting; cool; in-style; something cool or attractive
Wow, that's a phat iPod skin you have there!
po MiStErMaN802 Март 17, 2006