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9 definitions by Matt Whalley

Crude term for the female genitalia.
Can also be used as an insulting phrase.
She has a great fat stinking gwatch!


You are a gwatch!
po Matt Whalley Јун 17, 2003
27 12
Bumgrapes are another word for Haemorrhoids
Marc had strange haemorrhoids like dumplings hanging from his frequently visited asshole
po Matt Whalley Новембар 14, 2003
9 1
A dim or stupid person, typically from the West Country in Britain. A Wernit is characterised by their use of the words 'Wernit' to mean 'Wasn't it' and 'Were' to mean 'Was'.
That were real good wernit?
po Matt Whalley Фабруар 9, 2004
6 0
A member of the same sex that puts from the rough.
Marc was a MarmiteMiner that frequently tried to enter the ass off many pigs
po Matt Whalley Новембар 14, 2003
2 0
A spomo is a hybird of a spacker and a homo as defined above, but normally only in the realms of a person called Marc whose name ends with a c not a k
Marc liked being a spomo so much, he frequently licked the gwatch of bumgrapes because he is a MarmiteMiner
po Matt Whalley Новембар 14, 2003
1 0
A concantenation of the two words 'Spacker' and 'Homo'.

Used to denote a person who is both a Spacker and a Homo.
Marc was a Spomo Flid of the highest order.
po Matt Whalley Септембар 2, 2003
1 0
The kebab-meat flaps of the female hairy axe-wound. Can be used in the singular sense as an insult.
Cor! Look at her twatflaps! You could park a bleedin' Lada Estate in those you could!

Oi, Paul - you're a fuckin' twatflap mate!
po Matt Whalley Јун 17, 2003
2 1