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4 definitions by Kyo Shinda

Pertaining to any female who has a period seemingly every day.
Dewd, I see your sister yelling at you every day! She is a total menstrual mongoose.
po Kyo Shinda Март 11, 2010
1 1
In the mmorpg Shaiya, when someone goes through a portal and it glitches and changes your gender.
OMG DUDE I teleported to map3 and now my characters a girl! damn sex change portals, what will I tell my dad?
po Kyo Shinda Март 11, 2010
3 3
In the online mmorpg Shaiya, lupers is a big arse wolf that new people cannot find.
new person: wheres lupers? the quest wont tell me where he is
helpful entity: he's over the river and thru the woods in Oklahoma
po Kyo Shinda Март 11, 2010
2 3
To get totally murdered in any way, shape or form.
You lost 27 to none, YOU GOT RAYPED
po Kyo Shinda Март 11, 2010
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