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3 definitions by KosherK

Someone who is crazy as in "Chocked full of nuts"
Stay away from that chick, she's completely Snickers
po KosherK Јануар 14, 2010
25 21
To take a piss - as in going to talk to Yuri ~ Urinate
I'll be right back I just have to talk to the Russian
po KosherK Јун 8, 2010
4 4
Fat Wife Potential - A girl who might look good now but has a good chance of getting fat later in life... especially after getting married.

Usual indicators are found in the ankles and cheeks in particular
Yeah maybe now, but she has FWP written all over her, look at her ankles man, those are ready to spread!
po KosherK Јун 14, 2010
23 69