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15 definitions by Kelso

Quite possibly the sexiest instrument known to man, it is placed gracefully between the legs of a person and played with amazing tone.

Very arousing to watch a female ( or male..?) play in a skirt.
'When Kelsey plays her beautiful cello, she really whores it up. Hot, no?'
po Kelso Јануар 2, 2005
333 115
a really cool azn guy!
look at that guy, his soo tung
po Kelso Децембар 2, 2003
184 98
The only 'black' Transformer, turned into a car fit for pimpin'.
Jazz was the second coolest Transformer, second only to Optimus Prime
po Kelso Јун 29, 2004
168 106
A person who is acting dorky, as much as the amount a bucket can contain.
ryan you're a nerdbucket!!!! >:(
po Kelso Јун 21, 2004
20 5
1. A state of conciousness achieved through excessive inhalation of marijuana; stoned; extremely high.

Sorry Margret that we didn't make it to your mom's funeral, Jerry and I got stoney macaroni and watched The Labyrinth on widescreen.
po Kelso Јун 14, 2006
15 5
Swedish person that is easily pissed off when playing crap games like WoW. Often seen with girls named Matilda
Lol that dude just made a adde
po Kelso Јануар 6, 2005
15 10
a drunken man's term for Syrup
"Egg McMuffin, breakfast sauce." The drunken man said to the man working the drivethrough.
po Kelso Октобар 11, 2004
2 2