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115 definitions by K

Term decsribing a gay man down on his knees feverishly blowing multiple schwans in alternating fashion and in similar technique to that of a circus seal bobbing its head
After bringing six bat's to his house for the night, batty Ritt made like a Circus Seal until a six pack of loads splashed across his face.
po K Децембар 16, 2003
9 3
when a man rests the shaft of a penis down a girls nose while rest the balls across her forehead giving the illusion of a helmut.
I gave her some arabian googles then i let my shaft down and gave her the roman soldier helmut!
po k Новембар 10, 2004
10 5
a girl that acts like a hoodrat but isnt old enough to be classified as one.
Look at all them hoodbabies on Maury.
po K Јануар 22, 2005
6 2
lick my yanonali
po k Октобар 24, 2003
8 4
an essential part of your daily nutrient intake, contains 1 essential nutrient (caffeine); just add milk
Try Kellogg's Fleabix Flakes - THEY'RE GREEAAAAT!
po k Април 10, 2003
4 0
The condition of never having consumed marijuana.
Chrissy will lose her stonerginity on Saturday]'\
po k Март 30, 2005
6 3
Awsome to the "est" degree.
Tang thinks Chinese are the awsomest.
po K Новембар 30, 2004
7 4