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32 definitions by Jono

To urinate. The act of urination. Typically used by young children.
Origins: Yiddish/Polish/Eastern European.
See also bop.
I need to pip. Where is the toilet?
po Jono Март 27, 2005
2 12
a vagina
thats one hairy doon
po jono Фабруар 6, 2004
36 47
fudge liek substance that gathers under un cleaned foreskin
cock fu
po jono Септембар 7, 2003
3 14
The La chupacabra is the most verousous goat sucker. He hunts his pray with devil eyes, and once has ahold of theme, sucks any trace of the goats blood..
This goat has no body fluids, the la chupacabra is near...
po Jono Април 11, 2005
10 23
a cool j-rock band it makes songs for the anime naruto.
viva rock,road home,hana
po jono Децембар 22, 2004
9 23
its a bass guitar brand which is seen in FLCL(furikuri the one Haruko uses to bash stuff)

The band franz ferdinand, the bass player Robert Hardy uses a Rickenbacker(thats why that band is so good)

its one of the best basses out there get one!!!!
ben: wanna see me play my rickenbacker?
joe: rickenbacker what that?
ben: its a bass guitar
po jono Децембар 22, 2004
12 26
Noun: A lump of green material extracted from one's nose. Known in the UK as a grolly.
Origins: Yiddish/Polish/Eastern European.
See also prunch.
I've picked a big bobber.
po Jono Март 27, 2005
11 26