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5 definitions by Jerm Juice

Being stoked and psyched at the same time
Im styched to go to the Every Time I Die concert
po Jerm Juice Август 13, 2008
9 0
1) A person who acts like they are in a bad mood for no reason
2) When a person is in a good mood and then somebody makes a joke about them and they get mad
Jason was being a moody boots all day
After I cracked on Matt's moustache, he was being moody boots
po Jerm Juice Септембар 19, 2006
8 0
To be psyched and stoked at the same time, beyond the word capacity to use either psyched and stoked at one time
I am so styched to go to the Every Time I Die concert.
I am styched after seeing The Dark Knight I want to become a billionare vigilante.
po Jerm Juice Август 15, 2008
7 1
A play on the word concerto, it means a certain shirt you wear to every concert or live show of music
My plain black shirt is my conshirto
po Jerm Juice Новембар 15, 2008
3 0
anything that is cool, can be used for a person, place, or thing
Jeremiah is a pimp shoes
Man that cheeseburger was pimp shoes
Dude Japan is pimp shoes
po Jerm Juice Септембар 13, 2006
10 13