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3 definitions by HuMaNbEiNg

other word for cool, nice, sexy
Dude, flashy pants you're wearing today!
po HuMaNbEiNg Јун 18, 2005
The feeling of beeing stoned.
Can be used as noun or adjective.
Man, I'm having a flash....

I feel the flash.....

I feel flashed.....
po HuMaNbEiNg Јун 18, 2005
1. No problem/You're welcome!
2. cool, calm down
3. simple
4. easy-going
5. nice
1. "Thanks for the paper" "Easy!"
2. "Take it easy!"
3. "This test was easy."
4. "He's an easy person."
5. "We were chilling, you know, easy weather...."
po HuMaNbEiNg Јун 18, 2005