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4 definitions by Dj Puck

Very high quality marijauna, usually grown indoors, via hydroponics system.
Damn that bud's the diggity-dankness
po Dj Puck Октобар 14, 2004
7 1
one who pounds his bitches head into the wall/headboard while fucking her.
"I couldn't sleep last night 'cause Gary kept poundin his bitches head into the wall all night. He's such a boomdog".
po Dj Puck Октобар 13, 2004
9 5
A slang term for really good indoor grown marijauna, i.e. Hydroponically grown.
"Damn nigga you gots tha DIZ huh!"
po Dj Puck Октобар 14, 2004
6 17
This abbreveation for "Dick in your mouth", is also used as a word to replace damn in sentences to people you have no respect for, but maintaining it's "dick in ya mouth" meaning.

Contrary to the chat room deffinition, this term was developed by a friend and myself over fifteen years ago, as a way to fuck with a guy at work who we had named "Dicknyamouf". Example. "Hey dicknyamouf, bring me a soda!"
"Diym nigga you gonna smoke the whole shit or what?"
po Dj Puck Октобар 13, 2004
10 47