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42 definitions by Da Nastee One

visual pornography, such as videos or photos, depciting persons who or either nude or partially nude; said persons are depicted in a risque manner
"Playboy" is a softcore porn magazine.
po Da Nastee One Септембар 24, 2003
66 27
a rash in the crotch and inner thighs, caused by poor hygiene and sweat
po Da Nastee One Октобар 30, 2003
56 22
an ass so big, you can rest your drink on it ... while she's standing up!
Damn! Look at that fine ass chick with the big ol' ledge booty!
po Da Nastee One Децембар 6, 2006
34 8
an ugly woman with a foul personality; as opposed to an ugly woman with a nice personality or a gorgeous woman who is a complete bitch

basically, a woman who is too ugly to have sex with (even after you get drunk) and too mean to hang with; you know, a fat, ugly cunt who thinks she looks like Heidi Klum
I wouldn't fuck that she beast with a stolen dick!
po Da Nastee One Мај 24, 2004
29 5
beating repeatedly with a blunt object
Back off, bitch, or I'll club you like a baby seal!
po Da Nastee One Октобар 3, 2003
93 73
almost butt fucking a chick; cock-to-ass contact without the anal penetration
Greasy Pierre! Shit, I'd rather butt fuck ya!
po Da Nastee One Април 30, 2004
29 11
"Swamp ass" is the putrid stench eminating from the human groin. It is caused by sweat and/or not wiping the ass sufficiently.
No woman is going to lick your balls if you suffer from swamp ass!
po Da Nastee One Мај 11, 2004
41 26