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synanym for testicles; possibly a euphemism for such.
Mike: Are you naked under there?
Keith: Why don't you ask my little tykes?
po Colonel_Cheesemonkey Октобар 3, 2006
replacement word for the curse word "b****" to be used when adults or other anal-retentive kids are around.
*in the presence of somebody who gives a damn*

You son of a businitch!
po Colonel_Cheesemonkey Децембар 29, 2006
nickname of the sousaphone section of a high school or middle school marching band due to three standard and mandatorily successive characteristics:
1) they're all gay by definition.
2) they wear berets while they march because standard aussie hats or shakos don't fit under their sousaphones.
3) there is assonance that makes the term catchy.
...here come the trumpets...
...the trombones...
...the euphonia...
...the gay berets...
...the drums...
po Colonel_Cheesemonkey Децембар 29, 2006
Suffix that, when added to a root noun, describes a person who is obsessed with or loves the meaning of the root noun.

-Sometimes the applied word can be figurative.
Ben: Your brother really likes to wank a lot, doesn't he?
Mike: Yeah... he's a real greasemonkey.
po Colonel_Cheesemonkey Октобар 2, 2006
An adjactive used to describe males under the age of thirty who are or attempt to be sexually attractive by way of cuteness.

Such males are usually characterized by Pee-Wee Herman or Alfalfa hairstyles and checkerboard suspenders.

It can be used as a noun to refer to such males.
Alfalfa was really spiffy in The Little Rascals.
po Colonel_Cheesemonkey Октобар 2, 2006
An act where one person (usually a female) performs a lap-dance for another (usually a male) as public foreplay with the intention of subsequent sexual intercourse.
1) Last night I saw your fiancee doing the hoochie choochie dance with with him!

2) Your man and that girl was doing the hoochie coochie dance in your living room!
po Colonel_Cheesemonkey Октобар 2, 2006
A Memphis Left is a meneuver where a motor vehicle (particularly a pick-up truck) makes a left turn directly from the far right lane of a road comprised of four or more lanes.

A Memphis Right is just the opposite... where a vehice makes a right turn directly from the far left lane of such a road.

The phrase was coined from the observation that these meneuvers happen most frequently in Memphis, Tennesse.
...that guy made a Memphis Left / Memphis Right coming off of Union...
po Colonel_Cheesemonkey Октобар 2, 2006
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