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1.)Someone who says something that even (s)he disagrees with.

2.) A person who is the exact opposite of what (s)he is.

3.)Anyone who discriminates against people or things that are just like them or that they do.
1.)Stoner: "Weed isn't good for you at all, man!" = HIPOCRITE!!
"Don't smoke weed!" = HIPOCRITE!!

2.)The Devil: "I am such a holy person!" = HIPOCRITE!!

3.)Whigger: "Dude, you gotta stop tryin to be some who you're not...just be yourself, dawg!" = HIPOCRITE!!
po Bones_25 Децембар 26, 2007
Rap is an art form that is generally associated with gangs, murder, drugs, bitches and dissing other rappers. However, this is not always the case. A lot of times, the rapper, a.k.a., rap artist, or emcee, talks about real shit acutally happening in their lives that has changed them forever.
Most people diss rap because of it's usually drug related material, although most people who say this are usually listeners of some form of rock music, which basically also talks about drugs, sex and Satanism. Take Korns song "A.D.I.D.A.S.", for example, the theme of which is how "All Day I Dream About Sex." Not that it is a bad song, but whomever listens to this song and says it's good music, then turns around and litsens to 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" and says it's crap, is a total, fuckin hipocrite.
And at least most rappers are religious people that actullay thank the Lord for all that he has done to make their lives at least slightly bearable amidst all the bullshit they've gone through. Unlike rock music that has many artists praising Satan and commanding people to follow the will of Lucifer. When has any rapper said such a thing?

Now, this goes to all those who say rap has no point to deliver: Have you ever sat down and listened Eminem's "When I'm Gone"? Or DMX's "Ayo Kato"? Or Tupac's "Changes"? If you haven't, then you should try it someday...Do they not have a more emotionaly stimuating point to deliver than Disturbed's "Down With the Sickness"? Or Maralyn Manson's "(s)AINT".
I am an avid fan of both genres, so I have a perspective of both sides, and I say that rock and rap are basically the same thing.
Derek- "Damn, man! Rap misic is da shit!"

John- "Dude, rap sucks! It's just garbage! It's about nothing except some guy talkin about bangin his bitch, or him bitchin about how sorry his life is!"

Angello- "John, man. First of all, rap can be about a fuckload more things than drugs and bitches. Second, they're not bitchin to anyone! They're expressing themselves."

Derek- "And third, rock is just as equally drug related as rap, you fuckin hipocrite bitch!!"
po bones_25 Децембар 26, 2007
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