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The most beautiful and intelligent person on the planet. She's also very cool
You're as beautiful as Winona Ryder.

po benji Август 25, 2003
A very good band.. but also a very overrated band.. if you say you like Led Zeppelin but all you can say is YEEEY STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN AND ROCK AND ROLL AND KASHMIR i luvvv them omgo mogm ogm omg ... you are wrong ... im not saying those songs are bad .. im just saying that you are not a true Led Zep fan.. and you need to listen to songs like Celebration Day, Out On The Tiles, and Gallows Pole and things like that .. tahts the real Led ... and they did not spawn heavy metal... heavy metal... is gay .. and sad... bye
yeey Stairway to Heaven .. I LUVV LED ZEP

po benji Март 30, 2005
1. (verb)- the act of destruction upon anything
2. (verb)- describing a state of complete annihilation and own-age
3. As a substitution for the word rally, "I'm going to go in there and wreck shop on those fools" as opposed to "I'm going in to rally them"

4. The phrase "wreck shop" is believed to have been originated in the early 17th century in the Swiss Alps, where an old man who had been working in the same workshop for the past 47 years (rumors are unclear of whether he was a shoemaker or jeweler, another popular story is he made watches but whatever the case he made preformed some tedious actions to make the same product over a long period of time). After his years of faithful servitude he one day lost his mind and threw tools and benches all over the place creating mass destruction to his working environment. Because of his unpredicted actions of havoc the shop was never re-constructed and was believed to be cursed. This led to the use of the combination of the two common words "wreck" and "shop" to describe an event of mass local destruction. The phrase went out of saying in around 1654 but came into rapid reemergence in the late 21st century in Santa Cruz California. Wrecking Shop can be compared to the once popular phrase of “Going Postal” only “going postal” usually involves homicide while “wrecking shop” refers to destruction (although it can be stressed to include human destruction).
1. After the CIA broke into the 36 year old drug dealer's pad and overturned every item insight, breaking into filing cabinets and pictures the left the scene empty handed. Upon returning to his crib the drug dealer quickly called his mentor a Columbian drug lord describing the situation by saying "the po-pos just wrecked shop upon my place" (notice the contradiction between the police and the CIA is intentional to undermine the intelligence of 36 year old drug dealers).
2.After beating the victim senseless and robbing him of all valuables the bandits deciding a state of shop wreckage (note the word order can be switched only in a group of common "wreck shop" phrase users). had occurred and left him in peace.
po Benji Новембар 6, 2004
oscar wilde said "tragedy is when i cut my finger, comedy is when you fall down an open manhole cover and die".
"oh man, i broke a nail, what a tragedy"
"that dude just fell into an open sewer and died! hahaha!"
po Benji Јул 27, 2003
1st definition
When you completely own or destroy somebody in any circumstance. The form of own-age can range from anything from answering a question before a completely random individual to killing an opponent in the heat of battle.

2nd definition
Rallied- the act of wrecking shop

3rd definition
Rallied - when a person, place, or thing is affected in any negative fashion

4th definition - the act of being schooled or served (when saying served exagerate the "rv" portion and precede with a phrase like you sucka's got seRVed)
1. The following statement: "12 months ago a young boy gets hit by a freight train when riding his bike across the railroad tracks. As his body lands his remains are picked at by birds and critters till all that left is a few blood stains and fractions of bones" would be equivalent to saying "A while back a boy got rallied"
2. Before pulling the trigger, a distinguish gangster would say "boy you about to be rallied
3. Here is an example of an inanimate object rallying and individual: As a 17 year old waitress goes about her daily tasks she pours an distinguished business man his third cup of coffee but succeeds in missing the cup and spilling the coffee all over his lap, an onlooker (up to date with his urban slang) "says that coffee rallied that man" (notice the attention was on the coffee not the waitress because 17 year old waitress are often stressed out and do not deserve to be held completely responsible by such accidental actions).
po Benji Новембар 6, 2004
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