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5 definitions by BLuTink78

N:Plural:Twitter speak for bitches (my gurlz).
Goodnight my twitches!
Them my twitches!
po BLuTink78 Јун 29, 2009
N:A whorish person,a person who constantly talks about his/her self in a 3rd person and feels it is ok to shit on people NOT in their circle.
She is on the other side of the club acting like a real trashmuffin.
po BLuTink78 Јун 29, 2009
V:Twitter Speak."Gotta Chica/Chick Rollin"
LOLZ that shit has GCR.
po BLuTink78 Јун 28, 2009
Slanged speech made up by users of Twitter,mainly adaptions of words using "Tweet or Twit",shortened to cut down on character usage.
I use twitter speak to stay within my 140 characters.
po BLuTink78 Јун 29, 2009
N:Twitter speak for people.
Them my mofo tweeples!
po BLuTink78 Јун 29, 2009