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Preteen– or teenage girls obviously experimenting with there image – The Kappa Slappa “Look” consist of trainers – Kappa tracksuit bottoms – an Elise jumper. This is generously accessorises with cheap looking jewellery – most of which is purchased at Elizabeth Duke of Argos. Hair is worn up in (see Corydon Facelift) – and makeup is plastered on to hide any spots blemished and love bites.

Kappa Slappa’s are usually found in groups of 3 or more – although one will occasionally break from the pack. This type of behaviour usually occurs when the Slappa in question is attracted to a male of the same species (see Tezzer). This liaison will, in the least, result her being “fingered” behind the local nightclub – however the usual outcome is pregnancy – and alas further drain on the UK’s benefit system.
See also:
Mouth Breather
Klassy Lassy

Lad A: Word round school is that Tracy will suck you off for fifty pence!
Lad B: Which one is Tracy again?
Lad A: You know the Kappa Slappa two years below us!
po Andy The Great Јул 22, 2003
Used to describe someone who looks as if they possess lower than average intelligence can be male or female of any age – usually found in clapped out Novas around McDonalds car parks and council estates. Can be combined with many other insults -

WARNING – If using insult directly to face – please remember they will not understand the word chromosome – or the word two –

See mouth breather
“Christ! – Look at the mouth breather in the Elisabeth Duke Clown necklace – she looks two chromosomes short of hillbilly”
po Andy The Great Јул 21, 2003

Derogatory term – used in a ironic way – refers to a wide range of females of any age – sixteen year old moms, women with a half ton of gold in each ear and a sovereign ring on each finger – women who smoke and accidentally drop cigarette ash on there child head, women who drink white lightning – straight from the bottle, women who buy jewellery from Elizabeth Duke, fat women who wear tight clothes. The list is pretty much endless
Atomic kitten – Girls Aloud – Anyone on benefit – all Klassy Lassy
po Andy The Great Јул 21, 2003
Usually of the male gender – although female one have been know to exist. Mono-brows with sloping foreheads – they have third of the average intelligence of a normally functioning person. This is easily demonstrated, as they are only able to remember three letter names – Baz, Daz, Woz, Foz, Cuz, Muz. Their natural habitat is Halfords carp parks of 24hour McDonalds. Where they congregate in large groups – crammed into small cars and proceed to try and deafen each other with loud ‘one tempo’ music. Can often be found breeding in the back of a Nova of Escort with “Body Kit”. These sort of activities often end in pregnancy ruining there young lives forever – but providing amusement for those of us with ability to sign our names without using an X.

They will quickly move into a council tenancy and begin a tempestuous, abusive and loveless relationship – she will continue to give birth to children al the rate of one per year – the farther of theses children is never the same man.

Mouth Breathers
Klassy Lassy
Non-needed – we all know what they look like!
po Andy The Great Јул 21, 2003
Another term for the long time un-employable – benefit scroungers – gymslip moms – and residents of run down council estates. See Mouth Breathers
See that girl over there – the with the bad perm and velour tracksuit – Binner!
po Andy The Great Јул 21, 2003
Adj: - derogative term - Someone of a lower (or no) class – Usually found in large packs in city centres – can be of any age (although motherhood stats at 14) – standard attire – Tracksuit bottoms – fake Burberry caps – jewellery from Elisabeth Duke of Argos. Derived from the fact they breathe through there mouths.
1; the mouth breathers stood in the dole queue.
2; the mouth breathers considered Primark to be an expensive shop.
3; the mouth breathers were unfamiliar with the concept of books or chewing with ones mouth closed.
po Andy The Great Јул 21, 2003
Sagging – something wanna be rock kids / black people seem to be doing i.e. wearing your “pants” around your ass. It also happens to the name given to some rather hot video clips posted on the net. Try tube surfing to find it.
I watch sagging online - to get myself off
po Andy the great Мај 18, 2006
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